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Mad wanderings of a darkened heart.

Let these sublime words bring me light.

The Adorable and Fantastic
25 February 1985
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Mad Wanderings of a Heart that Is Darkness 

Lule. Twenty-Five. Fanfic writer. Canadian. An English teacher in Japan - yes, I speak Japanese. Except for the fic, my journal is selectively public. Feel free to friend me if you want to see my updates - which, to be warned, are rather uninteresting. On July 24, 2010, I married jonbacca in Real Life.

Fandom/Ships (including those I write for and some I'm planning to):

The X-Files, Law and Order (in all its forms), Pushing Daisies, Star Trek (in all its forms), Legend of the Seeker, Fringe, Corner Gas, V (2009), The Whole Truth. Mulder/Scully, Goren/Eames, Sawyer/Juliet, Richard/Kahlan, Kahlan/Cara, Peter/Olivia, Olivia/Astrid, Esther/Olivia, Brent/Lacey, Erica Evans/Olivia Dunham, Jimmy/Katie

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The Writer: quiet thinkers who have the power to create happy endings or destroy the world and everyone with it. When used well, The Writer has the ability to unleash powers of the mind by harnessing words to do their bidding.
Strengths: Frilly and pretty but deceiving: constantly hard core and awesome to the max. Don't let the bows fool you.
Weaknesses: Irritable. Non-compliant. Defiant. Anxious. Don't expect genius to happen unprompted.
Special Skills: Be warned: The Writer wrote your birth but The Writer can always erase that chapter.
Weapons: Feather quills. Ink. Surprise glitter bomb during an all out melee.
Unpredictable : High, when used correctly.

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